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How To Make Red Hearts Inside The Cake (english version)

In a last few days I saw on this web site a lot of different cake insert techniques which I liked very much. So I invented my own! It is very easy and simple, you don’t have to use any complicated tools. I used this techniques when I made a cake for my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary, and he was very moved when he saw surprise inside the cake. I hope you will like it as much as I do!

·         Rectangular pan for chocolate mud cake. I used 8 ¾’ x 12’ (21 x 30cm)
·         Two or more empty bean’s can*, the higher the better. I used Ø 2 ¾’ x 4’ (Ø7 x 10cm)
·         Little hacksaw for metal.
·         Sandpaper
·         Sharp knife
·         Backing sheets / backing paper
·         Chocolate mud cake
·         Red velvet or other red color cake
·         A lot of white filling. I used cheese cream filling.

Cut out protruding edge of cans, then smooth the edge with sandpaper.
If yours can are smooth just skip out this step.

Some people ask me if  the cans are food safe to baked in a cake?
Honestly I don't know... But as you can see on the 1st photo inside my bean's can there's only a little white strip of white plastic (?) and any way to protect my cake from can's walls I put inside a baking paper. I guarantee that there wasn't any fumes when cake was baking, there wasn't any chemical odor or any chemical taste of my cake. And after baking the white plastic strip was intact. 
I discover that there are many different cans with different interior. Some of them have only one white strip and some of them are cover all over inside with white plastic (?).
Please be careful when you choose the right can to do this cake!

Put round piece of backing paper on the bottom inside each of cans and another one around the walls. Make sure that the paper is much more high than the can. This prevent that cake run out of the can in case it grow up too much (Photo 2).

 Bake chocolate mud cake in rectangular pan and red velvet in bean’s cans. Them let them cool.

Cut chocolate mud cake in two thin layers.
With sharp knife cut along each of red cylinders in four quarter.

Cut out along each quarter a triangle piece of cake.

When you watch your red cylinder on the top you have to cut it as it show on Photo 6.
Can you see four red hearts?

Put inside of rectangular backing pan first chocolate mud cake layer with the smooth surface down.

Put a thin layer of filling.

Put red hearts UP SIDE DOWN on filling and press gently.

Cover with a rest of filling and put on the top the second layer of chocolate mud cake.
Upss! I forgot to make a photo of this two steps…
Cover cake pan with cake board (Photo 11) and put the cake in refrigerator for a few hours.

Take the cake out from the refrigerator and TURN IT UP SIDE DOWN!
Now hearts inside the cake are in the right position!
Cover cake with icing and fondant as you wish and it is done!

This is how the cake looked when I cut it!

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