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Tutorial - Crown and Crown Cake (english version)

Tutorial - Korona i Tort Korona

Create your own personal patern using Wilton Baroque Mlod.
Then measure one section.
My section was 9cm (3,543") large and 12cm (4,724") high (5,5cm (2,165")belt and 6,5cm (2,559")"lace") more or less.

Somme mathemetics:
O x II = P (perimeter) => O = P (perimeter) / II
Now if you want to make just e crown you need only 5 section.
5 section x 9cm (3,543") = 45cm (1'5,717") perimeter => o 14,32cm (5,638")

If You want to make crown cake You need:
8 section x 9cm (3,543") = 72cm (2'4,346") perimeter => o 22,92cm (9,024")
9 section x 9cm (3,543") = 81cm (2'7,89") perimeter => o 25,78cm (10,15")
Remember that if You are making a Crown Cake your pillow must be 2cm (0,787") smaller than crown!!!

Now just choos wat You want to do!
I decided to make a Crown Cake with 9 section,
so I asked my local cake supplies store to cut for me a dummy cake 12cm (4,724") high and o 25,78cm (10,15").
If You can't find so high dummy You can glue two or three togheder to rich height as You want.

Now sign on dummy high of the strip 5,5cm (2,165") and using protractor divide Your perimeter in 9 section.
360° / 9 section = 40° for each section
Divide each section in a half just to mark center of each section using diffrent pencil color or a dashed line as it is shown on photo.
Pin a plastic foil around dummy to prevent that your gum paste or royal icin attached to dummy.
Cut fondant strip 5,5cm (2,165") high and 81cm (2'7,89")long.
Put in arround dummy, glue ends with royal icing and pin it to dummy.

Using Wilton Baroque Mlod make all pieces for one section,
then starting from bottom to top glue them one at a time and pin them to the dummy.
Do not glue fondant pieces to plastic foil, but between them!!!

When You finished all section start to decorate a strip.
I don't have gem or jewelry molds so I used a samll daisy mold insted.
To make little pearls I used Wilton Baroque Mlod (stripe with small pearls) but I cutt out edges.
Make all pieces for whole strip and glue them one at a time to the strip using royal icing and pin them to the dummy. Seat a side to dry.

Paint all pearls with pearl dust mixed with alcool, and then a whole crown with gold paint.
Be carefull becouse liquid paint can softener your crown!
Seat a side to dry.

Insert a long screw at the center of dummy and then pull out dummy and take out plastic foil.
Be very carefull! Be sure that Your crown is very dry!
Paint with gold pait your crown inside.
In this step I recomended to use only spray gold paint becouse it dry insted.

I left my crown to dry for whole night and the day after in the morning I saw this....
After almost 11 hours of hard work my crown was destroyed by humid...
I took all pieces and in 15 minutes I stick them once again and I left it to dry once again...
The next day I insert my cake inside crown and my crown cake was finaly finished!!!
Happy 39th Birthday to me!!!

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